About Us

Global Solutions Co. for Economic Consulting, “Global Solutions”, is a one-stop shop consulting firm providing fully integrated holistic consulting solutions. Global Solutions seeks to become one of the leading fully integrated consulting firms in Kuwait. Global Solutions actively engages in the development, promotion, and celebration of entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, and corporate business. We continuously seek to ensure that our clients receive customized solutions tailored to their corporate vision and goals.

At Global Solutions, we ensure to offer a hands-on approach to each project starting from thorough due diligence and identification of problems and challenges, all the way to bringing forth a workable and comprehensive strategic plan to tackle these challenges. Global Solutions provides integrated solutions for businesses, companies, Government entities, non-profits, and family businesses; all while ensuring the highest quality of standards and work. We ensure to deliver extensive expertise, objective insights, and unparalleled approaches and collaborations for our clients to confidently tackle any obstacle.

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